Natural Life-Force Treatment


Natural Life-Force Treatment is a form of Gentle Touch Energy Healing using source energy or “Chi”. It is primarily for the reduction of pain and to allow posture realignment but I truly believe that all dis-ease can be healed this way.

I have witnessed; wounds closing up, bones adjusting and moving into place by themselves, lumps and cancerous tumors changing shape and reducing in size, the pain from so many different injuries and diseases ease and fade away leaving a sense of wonderment and relief.

This healing is achieved through vibrational entrainment. With focus and intent I raise the healing frequency within myself, concentrating this energy in my heart and hands, where I allow it to overflow. Your body can recognise this energy and entrain with it to bring about the healing process in your own body. We don’t even need to know the cause of any particular problem for it to work.

One of the best things about this treatment is it is non-invasive and requires no manipulation; it is also quick and effective with results that usually stay as permanent improvements so that repeat treatments, although nice, are not always necessary. 

Note: In cases of serious illness or recovery I offer a free consultation to discuss your issues and needs and before committing to a course of treatments you receive a taster session to make sure your body responds to my energy. I do house calls* throughout London and the South or can hire therapy rooms in Handcross, Horsham or Guildford.

*Standard travel costs apply from RH13 6HW round trip.