About Laurence

 Based in the UK Laurence has been involved with maintenance and repair throughout his working life, so to discover in his mid forties the ability to help people heal themselves seemed to him a natural progression along his career path.

 He learnt his gift for healing in July 2011 though synchronicity and intuition triggered by a deep need to help his mother Joyce, "What motivated me" Blog tells more about Joyce's healing. Following several phenomenal successes and with encouragement from his friends and family Laurence created and registered his own form of energy healing, “Natural Life Force Treatment”.

 Natural Life Force Treatment had emerged but its existence was only known of through word of mouth. Laurence got more involved with promoting his healing in 2012, designing pamphlets and creating an exhibition stand, he started showing his gift at a local holistic fair.

 Continuing to work through word of mouth Laurence gained further experience and qualifications in Quantum Touch, Access Consciousness "The Bars" and Access "Energetic Facelift".

 In the spring of 2015 he started sharing his skills abroad. Travelling to Bahrain he found Access Bars a very popular treatment and was asked to teach it. Qualifying later that summer as a Bars Facilitator he returned to the middle east several times to teach "Access The Bars" to over 25 nationals and expats. This changed the lives of some so much that they too became qualified as Facilitators and now teach "Access Bars" within their own communities.

 For Laurence it's a journey in progress, he ran Cosmic Healing as a not for profit organisation for nearly ten years while continuing to work full time. His long term plan is to create and run a holiday healing retreat in some warm foreign land but since his own battle with disease and now the covid issue his plans may well have to stay long term.


 What else is possible?

 If you are interested in sponsoring Laurence to further his plans please get in touch using the contact box below.

Laurence is Certified in; Natural Lifeforce Treatment, Access Consciousness The Bars, Access Energetic Facelift and is a certified student of Quantum Touch.


For Payments & Donations; paypal.me/321clickhere