What Motivated Me To Learn Energy Healing

Ten years ago I had reason to study health and healing with a friend. We found a simple chemical with a profound healing spectrum but it was only affective against disease causing pathogens not the osteoarthritis my mum had. I told my mum and dad that I could help with most diseases but what I had won't work for that kind of arthritis. I added; though I have heard of an energy healing that might work.

On the way home I felt so sad that I couldn't help my mum I determined to find out more. Well I found a lot of Reiki and some spiritual healing but with their reliance on mystic symbols and spirits they were not were I wanted to look. I saw from a reliable source on YouTube that energy healing is real and can be learnt and then I found Richard Gordon. He demonstrated his healing in such a genuine way, "that's what I needed to learn" I thought and he said anyone can do it too.

He seemed a straight forward guy so I sent him a straight forward message explaining myself and I asked him the price for his book. His secretary thanked me for the letter and sent me a nice reply along with a copy of his book for free. Richard founded Quantum Touch, he learnt and adapted what Bob Rasmusson showed him (he was also a straightforward guy) and Richard has been keeping that basic technique going and adding to it by teaching it and writing his books.

The book arrived and just sat on the shelf for three days until I forced myself to read the part that would teach me the secret. The fear and trepidation was so strong, If I learn this I'll have to use it! I was always told this sort of thing was nonsense so it took me a further week to do the one hour exercise that Richard described in his book. He explained how to recognise the life force energy, how to connect to it with breath and how to amplify and direct it for use. I have a favourite saying by Lew Welch; "Somebody showed it to me and I found it by myself". In every case I think this is what happens but in my case I opened the door to a whirlwind of energy. A powerful tingling sensation spun past every nerve, racing through my body like a tornado from my feet up and out through the top of my head, It was beautiful, ecstatic, tears ran down my smiling face as I consciously turned away from the window to avoid discovery. 

The exercise was recommended for an hour, my kundalini experience rose at fifty minutes and lasted forever, well five minutes at least. I went for a wash and then phoned my daughter Sally. "I've learn't that energy healing" I said "I'll come over".

I arrived at Sally's house just as her cat Sonic came in through the window. Sonic was visibly shocked, the dog had been licking his ear and he came running to Sally, we could see straight through a hole in his right ear like a .22 pellet hole in a target, no flap of skin it was a clean hole, poor Sonic was shivering and in shock. I said let's do the energy thing and the tingle came straight to me. Sally held Sonic on the table, I cupped my hands around his head and did the breathing, within a few seconds he stopped shivering and settled down to get comfortable. Within seven minutes he was done and wanted to go back outside sally held him fast and we both looked at his ear and then at each other in disbelief! The hole in his ear was not there! There wasn't even any fur missing! It was undone. Me and Sally looked at each other I said "wow we've got to remember this" and we have remembered but it's not spoken of, just a nod of recognition of what we know is possible. Sally knows the energy now and my son Luke too. I went straight from there to my mum's house.


Two weeks prior I had apologised to my mum for not being able to fix the arthritis in her neck. Now I arrive and tell her I've learnt that energy healing thing I said might help her arthritis, she said "go on then" and struggled up to sit on the breakfast stool in the kitchen. When she got comfy I raised the energy, connected it with my breath and I let the tingling flood out of my hands to do what it will.

Mum was describing the same tingling sensation spreading out, up and down her neck and across her shoulders. After ten minutes she directed me to where the pain remained, a further five minutes and she said "That's it, I think that's enough now! Let's have a cuppa tea". She could turn her head and said she had no pain. I could not believe it but like with Sonic I had too believe, it had worked! The healing happened under my hands.

That's one of the best things I've learnt to do so far but nearly everything I've ever done in my life has been leading me to this space in time. The story will continue. Every time I get the opportunity to share the healing I do and there are some fantastic stories to tell.


With ease and joy