I never thought at the beginning of my healing adventure that I'd be helping people with very serious diseases. When I first learnt how to run the energy, six and a half years ago, realigning someone's pelvis or watching a dislocation slide back into place were truly amazing things to witness. They still are today and to see the expressions of wonder and relief on peoples faces as the healing takes place fills me with joy. Now I get reports of tumours shrinking, some disappearing completely, I am coming to realise the amazing power of the energy I ues.

More and more people come to me with diseases of all kinds, one such case was a bone cancer. One tumour could be seen on the skull as a flat irregular splat shape, it responded to the energy by gathering itself together in a round bump much more visible under the skin. The client was also taking conventional chemo and radiation treatments and was mindful of her diet. Over several weeks her tumors disappeared leaving no trace of the cancer.

There have been a few but more recently I did a first aid treatment for a contractor who stood on a screw at work. I ran energy on his foot for ten minutes and the pain reduced tremendously but what he didn't tell me was he knew he had three tumours in his lymphatic system. During the treatment his body decided to use the energy to dissolve the tumours, he could feel it happening and it blew his mind, he had a scan and they had shrunk noticeably. He refused conventional treatments convinced energy healing will work better for him, I agree but I continue to support others who take the usual path.

My father with lymph and throat cancer had conventional treatments, the chemo was stopped or it would have killed him they carried on with radiation and that nearly finished him off. After collecting him from hospital I did an hour treatment every day for two weeks and every other day for another two weeks. After which he had no cancer and virtually no problem, he was out enjoying a full life within a month.

Even though I expect to see great results I am still amazed and delighted every time it happens. In business I'm told it makes a lot of sense to specialise but I can't possibly specialise in treating cancer alone. I love to help with the slightest problem if it'll help someone live with more joy.

Anyone can come to me with any problem big or small, physical or psychological, I'll run the energy and we'll see what healing can happen.  


with love and light